2022 Resolutions

R22-046 Update Cemetery Policies and Regulations
R22-045 Airport Rate and Fee Schedule
R22-044 Airport Rules and Regulations
R22-043 Airport Minimum Operating Standards
R22-042 Employee Education Assistance Policy Update
R22-041 Paycheck Accuracy Policy (tabled October 24, 2022 - pending)
R22-040 PSPRS Annual Policy
R22-039 City of Safford Code Recodification
R22-038 Retirement Health Savings Termination
R22-037 Vacation Leave Policy
R22-036 Sick Leave Policy
R22-035 FMLA Policy Update
R22-034 Canvass of Primary Election
R22-033 PSPRS DROP Policy
R22-032 SUSD Joint Use of Facilities IGA
R22-031 Destination Marketing Organization Affidavit
R22-030 Safford Union Cemetery Policy Update
R22-029 Hangar Lease Extensions T2, T3, and T4
R22-028 Skipped
R22-027 Tax Levy
R22-026 Employee Healthcare Premiums
R22-025 Designation of CFO to submit AELR
R22-024 Rural Fire District No. 1 IGA
R22-023 FY 22/23 Final Budget Adoption
R22-022 Employee Training Policy
R22-021 New Construction Fee Waiver 
R22-020 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee 
R22-019 FY22/23 Tentative Budget
R22-018 Animal Shelter and Dispatching IGA
R22-017 Employee Education Assistance Policy
R22-016 Parks and Recreation Committee Abolishment
R22-015 SPAA Box Canyon Resale Agreement
R22-014 SPAA Project Contract No. 2021-2 Solar Based
R22-013 ADOT Airport Grant Pavement Preservation
R22-012 Skipped
R22-011 PSPRS Contingency Reserve Fund Policy
R22-010 CDBG Application Authorization
R22-009 On Call Policy Fatigue Recovery
 R22-008 Budget Guidance
R22-007 PSPRS Pension Bond
R22-006 Call of Election
R22-006 Call of Election Spanish
R22-005 Donated Leave Policy
R22-004 ADOT Grant Taxiway A Lighting
R22-003 ADOT Airport Grant Runway 8-26
R22-002 SPPA Designee and Alternate
R22-001 Airport Rescue Grant