Average Payment plan Frequently Asked Questions


​Q- When is the best time to enroll?
​    A- You can enroll anytime during the year. if it is your first time enrolling and it is the month of July
​we suggest  you wait until August due to the new calculations are done in July.

​Q-How do you figure out my monthly payment?
​   A-  We total the last 12 months of your utility bill history from your usage and divide that amount by
​12 equal monthly payments. We add a 5% growth factor that gives a buffer for increased usage to safeguard
​against under billing and putting the customer in debt. Whatever the amount, you'll end up paying only for the
​utilities you actually use. Any overpayment or underpayment will be resolved through adjustments to your
​average payment plan billing amount.

​Q-What happens if I cancel my enrollment in Average plan while still remaining a City of Safford customer?
​   A-If you used more power than you've paid for, the total amount due will be due by your current "due by"
​date. if you've paid for more power than you've used, the credit balance will be applied to you following monthly

​To remain on the program, all bills need to be paid monthly by the "due by" date or you will be subject to removal
​from the program and your service may be subject to disconnection for non-payment, at which time, all unpaid usage
​becomes due and payable.

​Q- What happens if I am enrolled in Average payment Plan and I am no longer a City of Safford customer?
​   A- If you've used more power than you've paid for by the you leave, you will receive a bill for the amount due. if
​you've paid for more than you've used, the credit balance will be refunded to you by transfer the credit balance to your
​current active account or a refund check will be issued.

​Q-How can I qualify for Average Payment plan?
​   A-In order to participate in APP, you need to have 12 months of bill history at the property that you wish to enroll.