My Promise to You

My Promise to You: Just as I have high expectations of staff and myself, I have high expectations of you. I'm sharing the expectation I hold my staff and myself to so that you'll help me be the best manager I can be as we work together to enhance this community.

Honesty: As your leader, I will take every opportunity available to honestly impart information to you. You must however realize that sometimes I will not be ale to give you every detail at that moment in order for me to move negotiations forward, or sometimes the ideas are not yet fully developed and to speak of them to soon may create chaos or confusion. I know you deserve to know as much as possible about the community and staff efforts so I will share all I can as soon as I can.

Availability: I am never too busy to hear from you and if you feel you have something you must share with me, please don't be afraid to reach out.

Value: I do not care what position you hold in the community, you are valuable and will be treated with respect by all staff members.

Accountability: I will hold staff accountable for successes and mistakes. We cannot grow and succeed without this process, we will acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them. This may be uncomfortable at times.

Opportunity: To the staff, if you want an opportunity to branch out, learn something new, get involved, or develop professionally you will be given the chance. It may not be with an entirely new job but we will work together to find something in the organization that you can get involved in. I value employees that want to grow and learn and will facilitate this whenever possible.