Morgan Seale (Manager) and Nathan Estes (Supervisor)

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The Water Department

The Water Department is responsible for Safford’s water and wastewater programs. The water program provides a safe and adequate domestic water supply to all residents in the water service area. The wastewater program assists in providing a clean, healthy environment through the effective collection of wastewater.

The Water and Sewer Crew consists of fourteen employees that are responsible for the maintenance, repair and construction of the system.

water department

System Facts

  • 255 miles of water main.
  • 972 Fire Hydrants.
  • 75 miles of sewer main.
  • 1,085 manholes.

Water Related Service Issues

Below is a listing of water related service issues. If you need further assistance, please contact us at (928) 432-4200.
If you do not have water, check the following:
  • Make sure your bill is current (to pay your bill, contact Citizen Services at (928) 432-4060, visit their office at City Hall, 717 W. Main Street, or visit their website).
  • Check the shut-off valve, if all valves are on; please call us at (928) 432-4200.
  • If you live in an apartment, contact your property manager.

Pressure Related Issues

If you have a problem with your water pressure, give us a call at (928) 432-4200, and someone will investigate the pressure issue and determine the cause. The Water Department staff might need to make a visit to your service address as part of the investigation; you will be notified in advance if you need to be home during the visit.

Water Leaks and Emergencies

If you have or see a water emergency, such as a broken water main, fire hydrant, or water service line (between a water meter and the street), or you see water gushing from the middle of a street, please call (928) 432-4200, 24 hours a day.