What kind of bug is that? Where did the juice in my ice go? How far away is the moon? Kids of all ages love to ask questions and explore the world around them. Thanks to a generous grant from the Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation, the Safford Library provides resources to parents who want to jumpstart their child's interest in science. ScienceCity for grades K-6 and ScienceCity Jr. for preschoolers can help encourage your young scientist in several ways.



Our ScienceCity Program Series are made up of free, monthly hands-on educational experiences. At each program we encourage kids to ask questions, learn new concepts, and play with science. This year's presenters include some of the top science education institutions in the state, such as the Arizona Science Center, Tucson Children's Museum, and the Arizona Sonora-Desert Museum. All of the programs are free and open to Gila Valley kids preschool age (3 1/2 to 5) and grades K-6.


ScienceCity Jr. activities outline easy and inexpensive science-related ideas to share with your preschooler. Preschoolers often learn best by doing, so these monthly activities give them a hands-on opportunity to try a simple at-home science experiment.

These ScienceCity Jr. activity ideas will be available in the library near the ScienceCity Jr. display box. Remember, all experiments should be supervised by an adult. While we try to make age-appropriate selections, the Safford Library is not responsible for the safety of any experiment ScienceCity recommends.



ScienceCity in the stacks is a great way to learn more about any scientific subject. The Safford Library houses a rich collection of books, DVDs and other materials that can help to introduce your child to the wonder of science. Whether you are looking for a DVD on dinosaurs or a book on the moon landing, the Safford Library is the place for science. We also have materials for all ages. From toddler to teen... there is a science book or DVD for you. Just come on into the library or search our online catalog. ScienceCity will also be highlighting a few of our favorites selections every month on its activity page.

ScienceCity Jr. also has a monthly list of recommended science books for preschoolers. The list will be posted in the library. To make it even easier for busy parents, the recommended materials will be placed in a ScienceCity Jr. display area near the Children and Juvenile sections in the library.



From time to time, we will be having special programs that are not part of the regular ScienceCity and ScienceCity Jr. program line-up. They may be for a larger audience or a special age group. They will always be free. We will advertise these ScienceCity special events in the Safford Library and on this website. Set your Bookmarks now and be sure to keep checking!


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